84 1st Yuli street, Greece, Drama 661 00
τηλ.: + 30-25210-46201
info@pitsikoglou-trade.com, www.pitsikoglou-trade.com


Our company was established in Drama by Mr. Pitsikoglou K. Ioannis in 1983. Its subject was the import of used industrial machines from Germany and other European countries. From 2000 till today, it works named as Pitsikoglou I. Eleftherios. Our today activity is importing and distribution of industrial equipment.

In our 1800 m² installations, we have a large volume of commodity in stock, to meet industry's needs. In 25.000 products codes we offer cutting tools, lathe and milling machines accessories, bearings, pullers, tools ect.

The goal of our company is the continual improvement of our services and the high quality of our products. Our policy is to keep evolving our company, following the challenging rhythms of our times keeping in mind the law of supply and demand.

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